Faster EFT Heal your Relationships and Level I in Riga September 2015

Heal your Relationships with Faster EFT

Ending the Harmful Patterns that Have Kept You Stuck and Unhappy.

Have you ever noticed patterns that seem to repeat themselves from one relationship to the next? Do you find yourself moving on, hoping the next one will be the one that makes you happy? I don’t mean just in romance, but also in professional and other personal relationships. When it isn’t better, do you wonder why?

The bad news is that this is a common occurrence and can often be traced back to patterns you experienced early in life, with the people most important to you: your mother, father, siblings, or other caretakers. You may even feel hopeless to do anything about this!

But remember: We’ve all had bad experiences with others throughout our lives. We often mistakenly believe that when we no longer have that one “bad seed” in our life, things will get better and we’ll be happy. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work this way. When we don’t clear the past, it’s like having blinders on. All we see is our past even though we don’t realize this. We get triggered so easily in our present relationships that we take things very personally and have issues we wish we didn’t. It’s not all bad news, however.

The good news is that there is something you can do about it starting now.

Using FasterEFT as the key to transformation, you will unlock the door to creating healthy, happy relationships in your life. FasterEFT is a self-help tool that can help take you to the next level within yourself and your relationships. You will not only clear these old patterns and beliefs, and heal past relationships, but as you do so, you will begin to notice that your current relationships improve as well, as if by magic. You will find it much easier to have the kind, compassionate, respectful relationships you deserve because you no longer act from the negative patterns that have kept you stuck in old behaviors that no longer work.

In this seminar, you will not only be getting a lot of practical and useful information, you will start putting it to work for you right away. There’s no waiting. This is an experiential seminar and we will be doing a lot of tapping. The goal is to have you experience a transformation at the seminar AND give you information to take with you into the rest of your life.

This is the real deal. Make sure you don’t miss this chance to make powerful changes in your life starting today!

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Faster EFT Level I training

If you want to go deeper into FasterEFT and become a FasterEFT Practitioner yourself, you now have the opportunity in September to take a level I in Riga.

Robert Smith is giving the seminar and will teach you everything about Faster EFT, you will not only learn how to tap, but you will also learn why we humans have problems, the cause of their problems, the structure of beliefs and the mindset of  a healer and much more.

You will experience the uplifting feeling it is to take part of a group transformation, and you will also get a lot of new FasterEFT friends to tap with. That way you will get to work through all of your stuff. The freedom that awaits you, once you have learned to really let go of the past, is truly amazing, not to mention the absolute joy it is when you get to help other people letting go of their past.

Get a Faster EFT session with Connie Yndal

Have you ever experienced something so awful that you just can’t seem to get it out of your head? Or maybe it was so long ago that you don’t think much about it, but when you do, you immediately sense uncomfortable feelings in your body? Maybe you have some negative beliefs in your life, that you want to let go of or you are stressed or sad because of relationship issues.

Whatever that is bothering you and taking away your energy, I can help you deal with it. You don’t need to be feeling sad, life is one big playground with lots of opportunities, love and joy.

Are you in survival mode or are you living you life mostly in joy and harmony?


I offer sessions in Faster EFT on skype and in person (in Copenhagen or at the seminars in Riga) . My specialty is relationships and decision making, but I can help you with any issues that you might have.

Please feel free to send me an e-mail if you have any questions about sessions.

Price for a 2 hour session is 134 euro on skype. I will give sessions at the Seminar for only 120 Euro for 2 hours.

Practical Information

I’m hosting these events, so if you have any question feel free to ask me.

Price for Level I seminar: 1.499 Dollars for 7 days. Early bird price before the 16th of august is 1199 Dollars.

Price for Heal your Relationship seminar; 1075 dollars for 5 days. Early bird price before the 16th of august is 850 dollars

You can book your spot and read more about the Heal your Relationships here the level I seminar here

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On our facebook group you can find roommates and all the practical information about the seminar.

Write an e-mail to me

Venue – Wellton Elefant **** Hotel

We have a special price of 40 Euro for a single room and 55 Euro for double room. You can only get this price by writing the hotel at saying you are going to the Seminar with Robert Smith and the code word to get the cheap price is ‘Connie Yndal’ or you can call +371 67083101.

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Faster EFT Practitioner level II

Relationship Coach

NLP Master

Enneagram Practitioner

Life Coach

Easyway Stop Smoking Therapist

Former Professional Dancer

Instructor in Pilates, Z-health, Yoga, dance and much more.


Less vulnerable

After two hours of conversation with Connie Yndal and FasterEFT “tapping” – small, lightweight Bank of eyebrows and cheekbones – I have experienced that some of the emotional ghosts that have long followed me – have disappeared.

My life seems so much easier because I now have become less vulnerable and I feel that I can take control and prevent the ‘automatic reactions’, that I had before. I have changed my views on certain situations in my life and it has given me strength. So since my visit, I have not experienced the discomfort that I otherwise often felt.

Lizl Rand – Editor in Cheif on Psykologi (Danish magazine)

Release of past trauma

I’ve had a FasterEft session with Connie Yndal. It was a really good experience, so I will hereby give my best recommendation to others, who deal with stuff that is holding them back.

I was a little impatient in the beginning when Connie asked me out on various topics, but then we took hold of some traumatic things from my childhood that has shaped me in a (I think) unfortunate way. It turned out that the initial work was worthwhile, because after we had worked through those experiences, I felt a great release. Here, approx. 14 days later, I still feel relieved and can look at my old stuff without the old fear takes over me. It’s certainly not the last time that I will have a session with Connie and I will also refer clients to her.

Søren Rankenberg Frey – ManuVision Therapist

I never felt judged

Hello Connie, you were really brilliant! I felt I could say anything to you, I never felt judged. you brought some humour and came with some clever and very interesting points.  You were very precise regarding my emotions and how to turn them into something positive (and not brooding over negative things – my speciality ;0), you got me, especially with the stuff with my sister.

In short your session was brilliant because it was as if you were in my head, understanding my points of view – I love your short meditations, the idea of giving myself my own power of love …